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100 Portraits

#100portraits is born from the core of my ongoing self-portrait. One that shows myself as different and unique as I am, and vibrantly living in a new city. A singular human being surrounded by hundreds of other distinctive human beings, with incredibly diverse cultural backgrounds, ideas, positions, dreams and certainties.


Studio Portrait






We all share Berlin though. We make and remake Berlin every single day of our lives. And then, we are alike. Newcomers, immigrants, Berliners, tourists, commuters. We melt in a mixture of  textures, vibes, shades and colours, enriching the city repeatedly, endlessly.

The city remains wide open. It welcomes all ways of existing, every style and taste, all sexual orientations. And this social acceptance is simultaneously shaped and reconstructed by individual self-acceptances. We share the city openly whereas we keep unknown to each other, clearly.

This #100portraits is a whole picture of Berlin made of one hundred meaningful images, of one hundred connected souls. It is a colourful puzzle made of black and white photography.

This is also a voyage that has led me to meet 100 persons; their stories, personalities, moods, gazes, differences and likenesses.

Press & Awards:
ND Awards 2019
Book (printed version): ODER HERE

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