On my search to set a new "Goal" in my life i came to the idea of making 100 Portraits of unknow people in a City with such a diversity of Cultures where I as an immigrant belong to this amazing mix. We, the "incoming" people, enrich the City with new perspectives and experiences. There is a great social openness and acceptance as regards alternative ways of life and different sexual orientations. This openness bring us to a every day human contact. I can walk and stop somebody to ask for a picture, what are the chances to get a NO ? ... many, but thats part of this project, get to catch this amazing persons with different stories, looks, personalities, moods and likeness. Where is the limit between looking serious and angry? what is a "neutral" face? do we always have emotions ? I guess i will figure out this on my journey to meet this 100 persons.

* Awarded with a Honorable Mention at the

ND Awards 2019

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